GOP Boggarts

The more I think about it, the more I'm convinced that Republicans are Boggarts. I'm a big fan of the Harry Potter Series, in fact I just finished reading all of the books yesterday. In the books there is a "thing" called a Boggart. Here's the description from Harry Potter Wiki

A boggart is a shape-shifting creature that takes on the form of the viewer's worst fear. When facing a boggart, it is best to have someone else along, to try to confuse it. Because of their shape-shifting ability, no one knows what a boggart looks like when it is alone.

Just look at how they react to EVERYTHING. They look for what they think will scare people the most and that's what they push out there. With President Obama during the campaign they pushed out that he's a scary Black Man. Then they said he's a Muslim (which shouldn't be a smear). They essentially called him a terrorist. They went after Michelle by trying to say she hates America.

Since before President Obama was elected, they have been claiming he's not a citizen of the United States, that he was born in Kenya. They even went so far as to make a fake birth certificate.

In the last month during the health care debate, they've tried to scare people with death panels. They've tried to scare people with tax hikes. They've tried to scare people with rationing. They've tried to scare people by saying Obama and the Democrats want to encourage soldiers to kill themselves after war.

And then we have this crap with the school children where they said Obama was going to try to indoctrinate them with his socialist tendencies. They blamed that on the "lesson plan" that's no longer being used. May the lesson plan's wording have been bad? Yes, but a lesson plan/literature that was completely optional to the teachers showing the speech was not enough to warrant the "uproar" that ensued.

And a little while ago on MSNBC, I saw perhaps the dumbest argument yet. Joe Watkins claimed that they had a problem with President Obama's speech because they are afraid the kids will like him too much. You see, President Obama is too eloquent and "persuasive" and he may undo any of the -wiring- teaching that parents have done. Today he's talking about staying in school to get the kids to like him, tomorrow he's telling them it's okay for gays to be married and abortion is a good thing. Parents have the constitutional right to raise their children as they wish, and I seriously doubt that a speech from the President is going to undo YEARS of -wiring- teachings. Joe Watkins had me CRACKIN' UP, literally. I was tempted to roll on the floor with laughter. (I seriously hope video pops up soon).

So, how do you get rid of Boggarts?

The charm that combats a boggart is Riddikulus. The charm requires a strong mind and good concentration. The incantation and wand movement alone will not affect a boggart. The correct way to perform the charm is to push past the fear, and concentrate on something that will make the boggart look amusing. The charm does not, in fact, repel a Boggart; it just forces it to assume a shape that the caster will find comical, inspiring laughter, which will defeat a boggart.

We know this works because laughter may well have saved us from a McCain Presidency, SNL eviscerated Sarah Palin week after week, even when she was ON the program they made her look like a fool. Indeed "that's ridiculous!" is usually what people say when they realize what the republican argument against _________ is.

The teabaggers, aside from the unfortunate name choice, were made to look completely insane and laughable, even if they had some legitimate complaints they jumped the shark to crazyland, and now no one takes them seriously.

Look at Michele Bachmann, every time I see her name I get ready to giggle. She never makes me mad, she may make me cry though (of laughter).

And then there's this school flap, my friends and I have been joking about it all morning on Facebook. Even if there were legitimate complaints at one time, they take it too far and it becomes hilarious.

The Republican Party thrives on fear, and can't take being mocked. They can dish it out, but they damn sure can't take it.

Now I'm not saying all of our "GOP" woes will be fixed with laughter, but once the party becomes a joke, people won't take them seriously at all anymore outside of their whacked out base (again, look at Sarah Palin).

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UPDATE: Watch the Joe Watkins Video for epic LOLs

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