Wow Rev. Al, tell us how you REALLY feel.


So I was up this morning and happened to catch Tavis’s “triumphant” (my word) return to the TJMS. As he got into his commentary I thought to myself “I see Tavis is back to Obama hatin’ on the TJMS.” Apparently his latest thing is he’s mad that Obama doesn’t have a specific “Black Agenda” and how “Black Leaders” aren’t going to push him on a “Black Agenda” and now feel that President Obama doesn’t HAVE to have a “"Black Agenda.” Well, we all know Tom looooooooooooooves him some Tavis, so pretty much Tavis wasn’t going to get called on any of his bullshit. I figured that would be the end of it. But nooooo, Rev. Al called in after the following commercial break, and what followed was full of EPIC WIN for Rev. Al. In the event that you missed this completely thorough smack down you can listen to it here.

Now I’ve never been a HUGE fan (or really a fan period) of Rev. Al’s, but lately he hasn’t been annoying me as much as usual, and I’ve actually found myself agreeing with him more often than not. Part of me thinks that’s because he’s mellowed out since Pres. Obama won the election and was inaugurated. But what he did to Tavis on the TJMS today reminded me of “Coming to America” where they walk into the apartment and there’s the chalk outline of the dog and the man with the cane and the guy says “damn shame what they did to that dog.”  Rev. Al even went after Tavis for not trying to hold Former Pres. Clinton “accountable” to the Black community even though Tavis himself called Pres. Clinton “Black.” I mean he left no stone unturned. Rev. Al went SO hard on Tavis, that even Tom wasn’t trying to defend him by the end of the call. I heard he also went after Tavis during his own show, unfortunately I missed that, but I’m going to have to see if it’s somewhere on the Internet.

Point blank, Tavis is about TAVIS, not the Black community. Pres. Obama has been refusing Tavis and his bullshit since the election (remember when then Candidate Obama didn’t go to the SOTU and Tavis had a hissy fit in his TJMS commentary? It was shortly before he pulled a Palin and took his ball and went home). Pres. Obama has refused to stroke Tavis’s ego, and we all know Tavis needs his ego stroked often. I’m surprised he waited this long to put together an event where people can get together and hate on Pres. Obama for a few hours. And then of all places to choose, he choose CHICAGO? Real subtle Tavis. Personally, I think he should have had it at Texas Southern. But IF Rev. Al goes to this shindig, I think I may have to watch, if he doesn’t go, I’ll have to pass.

For all of the issues I’ve had with Rev. Al, he’s been pretty consistent. I’ve never thought he was out for “self” I did think some of the stuff he championed was overreation, but he’s been consistent. That’s more than we can say for Tavis.

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