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Whatever happens in MA, it's not a referendum on anyone but the candidates. With that being said, win or lose Democrats in Congress need to wake up and start getting shit done. There is NO excuse. They had 60 Senators and they STILL didn't get what they needed done accomplished. In 2008 they got a MANDATE for change, and instead they haven't been giving us what we need. The actions are not matching the rhetoric. I don't think that's President Obama's issue (even though I'm sure all of the talking heads whom I refuse to watch are going to say it is), I think that's Congress's issue. Jon Stewart said it best:

"Let me see if I have this straight. You need to replace perhaps the most beloved liberal in the history of the Senate with a candidate that believes Curt Schilling is a Yankee fan. Because if this lady loses, the health care reform bill that the beloved late senator considered his legacy will die. And the reason it will die is because if Coakley loses, Democrats will only have then an 18-vote majority in the Senate. Which is more than George W. Bush ever had in the Senate when he did whenever the f**k he wanted."

How about the Democrats grow a spine? This is a wake-up call, a warning shot if you will. While we fight amongst ourselves we are allowing the Republicans to get victories they otherwise wouldn't have gotten. Yes, the Bush years were bad, but they are OVER and like it or not people actually ARE starting to forget who got us into this mess, and which policies got us into this mess.

To the Dems in Congress: You lost one seat, sure it's a big deal, but at the same time it's not a big deal. If we had that one seat, would that then light a fire under your asses to get shit done? You can't live worrying about the next election. Do what you promised. Pass good healthcare, stimulate the economy, stop holding us hostage to Wall St., start repairing our educational system, etc.. Stop with the fucking excuses and start getting stuff done, because this loss is NOT going to make anything any easier. The Republicans aren't that damn smart, you all are just that damn stupid.

To President Obama: You did what you could, you've done what you could, but maybe it's time to stop being so damn polite and start being "real" (to steal a phrase from MTV). As you always state, the buck stops with you whether it's fair or not, so maybe it's time to stop letting Democrats who apparently have no real audacity screw with YOUR legacy. It wouldn't hurt to see some of that audacity you showed during the campaign make an appearance in your Presidency. We all know you know how to get the American people behind you, maybe it's time to stop wasting political capital trying to cover the asses of people who wouldn't do the same for you and start getting more of the stuff you promised done.

Oh, and one more thing, when you have a mandate, you USE the mandate, or you LOSE the mandate.

In case ya'll can't tell, I'm a little (okay, more than a little) pissed right now.

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