27% of Republicans believe President Obama loves America.

That's it.

48% of them don't believe he loves America.

25% aren't sure.

I don't know about you, but if I seriously doubt that President Obama would BE President Obama if he didn't love this country. Remember when he was the first candidate (that wasn't a previous First Lady) to get Secret Service Detail during the election? That was when he was still a LONG SHOT, he could have said "you know what, it's not worth it" and walk away, but he didn't.

With all of the bullshit this President is dealing with on TOP of the regular BS Presidents have to deal with, I wonder how anyone could question his love for this country. I could see if he just up and QUIT in the middle of his term. . .

Or if he was taking vacations, MONTH LONG vacations, in his first term.

Not to mention the fact that his EVERY MOVE is recorded and blogged about on the Internet. I wouldn't be surprised if there was a site out there monitoring how often he went to the bathroom. Seriously, you'd think those Republicans would admire him for giving up so much personal privacy. Then again, maybe not.

Literally, EVERYTHING the man does is criticized. This may as well be his theme song. Remember when Chicago lost the Olympics and conservatives CELEBRATED?

People are all over the country comparing him to Hitler, saying he wants to kill their grandmothers, and even choosing to support the TALIBAN's views over him winning a prize for PEACE.

He's getting 400% more death threats than any other President. Pastors are preaching about how he deserves to be killed. Hell, some people are even calling for a military coup against him, even in a time of war.

And yet he's still there, he's still fighting, he's not giving up. He continues to work so even those who hate him can have a better life, and only 27% of Republicans believe he loves America?

No wonder only 20% of the country identifies themselves as Republicans.
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