Since when it is 'breaking news' that someone actually tells the damn truth about something? Earlier today, Pres. Jimmy Carter had the following to say:

So basically he said that a lot of the vitriol against President Obama is based on racism. And people are SHOCKED by this? He told the damn truth. Sure, there is some opposition out there that is just based on the fact that Obama is a Democrat, and there may even be some who are seriously against his policy, but to claim that race isn't an issue when you see signs like:


Some Conservative TV Talking Heads would like to say that these same protests were taking place when Bush was in office giving out Tarp money. Really? I don't recall seeing people carrying Bush= Hitler signs? Hell, at the health care rally on Sunday there were a LOT of signs there that had NOTHING to do with any of the current health care proposals? I stated a couple of days ago that it's ignorance, and I still think that's what most of it is, but I also think a lot of it is flat out racism.

President Obama has been in office all of 8-9 months. He hasn't done ANYTHING to warrant people showing up at his rallies with guns just because they can. He's done nothing to warrant the hatred coming from the right. He's done nothing to be called a racist on a popular (unfortunately) 24 hour news station.

I am reluctant to say it's ALL racism, but to pretend that a LOT of the people you see going to those rallies aren't racist is deluding yourself. And instead of the Republican Party calling these people out and trying to distance themselves, they are holding on to them because they are pretty much what's left of their party. They are embracing the hatred against the President of this country in a way that is disturbing, and the level to which they condone the lack of civility is evident by the outburst by Congressman Joe Wilson during President Obama's joint address to Congress last week. As it turns out, Wilson has a history of doing racist things.

The election of an African American President did nothing to eradicate racism in this country, if anything it made the "hardcore" racists more bold. They no longer even TRY to hide it, they like to revel in their hatred, and that is truly disgusting. There are policy arguments that can be made against what President Obama is doing, but the arguments actually being advanced are based on lies that center around making President Obama scary.
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