Another Gov Paterson FAIL              

From the Huffington Post:

In an uncomfortable interview on "Meet the Press," the embattled Democratic Governor ducked and dodged a barrage of questions over a report that the Obama administration had pushed for him to step aside in 2010.

"I'm blind, but I'm not oblivious," said Paterson. "I realize that there are people who don't want me to run."

"All right," said host David Gregory, "but let's be very clear here about what happened. The president's team -- and others speaking on their behalf -- said to you, 'You should not run.' Isn't that right?"

"I can't say that, David," Paterson responded. "There are people who have told me not to run. There are a lot of people who told -- have told me not to run."

Gregory pushed: "But the White House specifically said, 'Don't run.'"

"I don't know that," Paterson replied.

YOU DON'T KNOW? You and your wife and supporters have been running around letting people think President Obama threw you under a proverbial bus, and YOU DON'T KNOW if he told you to get out of the race? Typically when people don't KNOW if someone said anything, they don't go around perpetuating the rumor that the person said it. Well, people do, but people with CLASS don't. All President Obama did was express concerns to you through someone else in PRIVATE, he didn't put you on front street, and now you're sitting up on Meet the Press looking like your SNL character talkin' bout "I don't know if President Obama told me to get out of the race."

Gov. Paterson, you are exemplifying one of the big problems in politics right now, it's all about the games and the truth be damned.
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