So here it is, day 3 of the Gates fall-out, and the media STILL doesn't get the issue. Like I said yesterday, President Obama said a LOT of things worthy of being focused on when he answered the question, but our increasingly inept press corps is choosing to focus on ONE word. I suppose I'm not REALLY surprised about it, we ARE talking about Obama here, and any little "mistake" he may make is going to be beat repeatedly until everyone is sick of hearing about it.

And now the cop, Crowley, is going to become the latest "posterboy" for this alleged White Racism that Obama is perpetuating (nevermind the fact that the family that RAISED him is White) now that he's President. Ooooooh, the poor oppressed White Man, they've been held down now for MONTHS because now the Black people have all of the power. HA! Even if we DO have a Black President, we still aren't "the power." But I digress. . .

This was a moment for the press to really do something EDUCATIONAL and talk about the disparities between Blacks/Latinos/Hispanics and Whites when it comes to dealing with the police. Instead they approach the situation as if the Police officer MUST be right (because they have no reason to lie in a police report where they arrested a man in his own home). Oh, and he teaches a racial profiling class (I'm going to assume that the class is supposed to PREVENT and not PERPETUATE racial profiling), and he has Black friends, so he can't possibly be even a LITTLE racist, nor could he have acted "stupidly" in this situation. Have you all seen the video of the cop responding to what Obama said? Just look at the way he answers the question at first "I didn't vote for him." That's not what they asked you. But the second time he's asked he remembers he's the victim and says "I support the President 110%." (starts at 2:09)

President Obama TOLD everyone that Gates is his friend, and he was going to be bias when he answered the question, but that's not enough for people. As some others in the Black Blogospehere are pointing out, instead of responding with the "White" (or at best "neutral") answer, he gave the "Black" answer. I suppose Lynn Sweet and her colleagues expected the President to do what he normally does and parse his words to stay even MORE in the gray area than he did. The way they are responding you would think President Obama responded by saying "Man, fuck the police" and walked out to N.W.A.



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